Tangerine Tuesday is a brand that focuses on the words that fuel personal growth. T.T. was created based on the belief that what we say, consume, read, and wear directly relates to what we manifest into our lives. We offer apparel and resources that reinforce these beliefs, enabling us to grow and heal together.


We’re not just here because “healing” is trending. This isn’t an era, it’s our lifestyle and will always be. At Tangerine Tuesday we care about what feels good, what is going to reinforce the values you want to continually call in, and finding fun and tangible ways to help you become your best self. We created this brand for you to feel seen as the multifaceted, modern, self-aware being that you are. Ready to align your style and heal your soul? Shop now, thank yourself later.

The Reviews That Matter...


"This is not just trendy, fast fashion, yknow? You can tell they really put time into these pieces"

Alex G.

"This is the exact type of brand I’ve been looking for.”

- Your Highest Self

"I can't decide which set I love more, holy sh*t they're so good!"

Shauna D.

"Came for the style, stayed for the healing"

- The Greatest Version of You

"These clothes make me feel confident!"

Jadelyn P.
Los Angeles, CA

“Tangerine Tuesday helped me affirm what I want and find my style while doing so"

- You, Completely Healed
Taylor Hoverson

Hello lovers - I'm Taylor and I'm so happy you're here! Forever running from a 9-5, I started Tangerine Tuesday in the hopes of paving my own path. But why apparel? I saw a lack of intention and authenticity in streetwear - the trendy version of me wanted the newest and coolest fashions, but the hippie in me wanted them to have words and sayings on them that resonated. So in a very classic Taylor way I said, "Fuck it, I'll do it myself." The heart of T.T. is wanting to help women grow and become the best versions of themselves, and I hope you allow me to do just that. This brand is slowly expanding into all my passions that surround personal growth, so stay tuned for more to come. XOXO

Committed to Authenticity

Woman Founded + Owned

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