Tangerine Tuesday in a non-seasonal intentional apparel brand founded and ran by Taylor Hoverson.

I used to think that caring about my appearance was shallow and defied the hippie I identified as, but after fully getting in tune with my emotions, I noticed how much my clothes dictated my mood. It is my belief that our 

I wanted to create TT because I saw a lack in the market for what clothes I wanted. I am very picky with the clothes I buy for myself, and for this brand, because I strongly believe that what we wear is an extension of our personality and beliefs. I often found clothes I thought were attractive but they had saying on them did not resonate with me such as, "talentless" or "bad influence." Words are very powerful and there is no part of me that wants to be screaming ideas like that to the Universe. 

I am so excited to give this company my all, I am loving every step of the process, I appreciate every ounce of support I have been gifted, and I am beyond excited to see where this creation grows. 

I hope to help you dismantle some of your limiting beliefs along the way as to what you think you can and cannot wear, what does and does not look good on you, and start to intentionally and intuitively choose pieces of clothing that make you feel good, as simply as that. You can have a wild and fun night out and spend the next day meditating. We often attach ourselves to so many identities that contribute to our suffering, and at what cost? Let them go, and choose to be free. 

I chose the name Tangerine Tuesday because I wanted to capture the feeling of golden hour on a Tuesday in summer with no obligations. That is what tangerine feels like to me - ease. Tuesday represents the day of Mars, the God of War, and symbolizes career. This is what Tuesday mean to me - action. I enjoy the paradox of these two ideas and feelings together because finding the balance between ease and action will lead you to the most fulfilling life. 

Please connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, by email, or at our pop-ups. This is an online store but I want to be as connected to my supporters and customers as much as possible. 

May you feel seen, tangerine, and all the things in between 

xoxo, Tay

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